Rough Diplomacy


Usable Intelligence.

The success of any mission depends just as much on the planning and intelligence behind it .By 1908, the time was right for a new kind of agent to protect America. The United States was, well, united, with its borders stretching from coast to coast and only two landlocked states left to officially…

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Thin Thread Exposed

As a pioneer of the now-defunct ‘Thin Thread’ program, which upheld the privacy of US citizens, Binney broke away from the NSA after witnessing what he saw as the erosion of privacy rights under the banner of national security. Wiebe, equally disgusted by the NSA’s blatant disregard for the rule…

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You and what army: Ivor Thor-Gray

Ivor Thord-Gray (April 17, 1878 – August 18, 1964) was a Swedish-born adventurer, soldier, ethnologist, writer and linguist.He participated in 13 different wars across several continents. Biography He was born Thord Ivor Hallström in the Södermalm district in central Stockholm, Sweden as the second son of a primary school teacher,…

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Spies, Lies , and Double Agents : The Thing

 The Thing ( Listening Device )  The Thing, also known as the Great Seal bug, was one of the first covert listening devices (or “bugs”) to use passive techniques to transmit an audio signal. It was concealed inside a gift given by the Soviets to the US Ambassador to Moscow.…

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Remote Control: Stuxnet

    Stuxnet is a malicious cyberweapon believed to be a jointly built American-Israeli, although no organization or state has officially admitted responsibility. Anonymous US officials speaking to The Washington Post claimed the worm was developed  to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program with what would seem like a long series of…

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