Rough Diplomacy


Silas Deane : Patriot Destroyed

Silas Deane, was Connecticut delegate to the Continental Congress, shortly, after he was ousted from his seat and was sent as the first American envoy to Paris in 1776. on a secret mission. The Committee of Congress for Secret Correspondence, was then formed . It’s members were Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Harrison,…

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The Loyal 9

In 1765, a group of colonists  called themselves the Loyal Nine , they wanted to protest the Stamp Act. As the group got bigger, they became known as the Sons of Liberty. Very little is known about the Loyal Nine as they operated in complete secrecy. Since they were a close-knit…

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Orange Revolution : The Peacemakers

The division in Ukraine goes back 350 years. In 1654, when Ukrainians were fighting Polish rule, a Cossack leader named Bohdan Khmelnitsky swore allegiance to the Russian czar. Since then, Ukrainians have been dominated by Russia. Orthodox priests came To pray on the frontline , and voluntarily served as human…

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ITB :Skilled in Language , Skilled in war

 Texians were residents of Mexican Texas and, later, the Republic of Texas. Today, the term is used specifically to distinguish early Anglo settlers of Texas, especially those who supported the Texas Revolution. Mexican settlers of that era are referred to as Tejanos, and residents of modern Texas are known as…

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Old Rivals

Their ancestors did battle with musket and cannon in one of the most famous battles in British history. And now the descendants of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington are locked in another battle – albeit a more civilised one. It has been revealed the eminent pair are City…

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It’s in the blood : Print Type

The reason this is titled  , It’s in the blood, is because this is  my own relative, Elizabeth Timothy or Elisabet Timothee (30 June 1702 – April 1757) was a prominent colonial American printer and newspaper publisher in the colony of South Carolina who worked for Benjamin Franklin. She was…

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The map trying to record every battle ever fought

A Dutch company is attempting to map all the battles in history using Wikipedia. But what does it really tell us? It looks like Europe and the US are the bloodiest parts of the world. But the details – shown on a newly released map of all the recorded conflicts…

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