Rough Diplomacy


The World’s Biggest Political Brawls -WSJ

The World’s Biggest Political Brawls 2/10/2017 7:01AM     WSJ -embeded content The U.S. Senate is no longer the setting for fisticuffs and fracases that it once was—but in many countries, politics can still get physical. Photo: Getty Images

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Nuclear-powered brawl

On the outside, the main building of Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan – or parliament – is a picture of calm. Two rows of neatly-trimmed shrubbery and trees line the courtyard leading to the stately-looking, white building with a Republic of China (Taiwan) flag on top. But inside, the picture is very…

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Madman Theory

In 1969, Richard Nixon, about eight months into his Presidency, grew frustrated with the North Vietnamese leadership. The President wanted to negotiate an exit from the Vietnam War, but his adversary’s terms were unyielding. Nixon thought that he needed the Soviet Union to pressure North Vietnam; he also believed that…

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Game Theory : Nash Equilibrium pg 2

Game theory’s development accelerated at a record pace during World War II. Though it was intended for economics, both the United States and the Soviet Union quickly saw its value for forming war strategies. via GIPHY Early in the Cold War, the Eisenhower administration viewed nuclear weapons like any other weapon in the arsenal available for…

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Remote Control: Stuxnet

    Stuxnet is a malicious cyberweapon believed to be a jointly built American-Israeli, although no organization or state has officially admitted responsibility. Anonymous US officials speaking to The Washington Post claimed the worm was developed  to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program with what would seem like a long series of…

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