Rough Diplomacy


The Troubles

Whether it’s in the Middle East conflicts , crime ridden American cities, or the tension by the two Koreas, the efforts to quell the violence always use  North Ireland as an example. That being said, North Ireland is treading that peace carefully, as some still think it incomplete. The history…

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Old Rivals

Their ancestors did battle with musket and cannon in one of the most famous battles in British history. And now the descendants of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington are locked in another battle – albeit a more civilised one. It has been revealed the eminent pair are City…

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It’s in the blood : Print Type

The reason this is titled  , It’s in the blood, is because this is  my own relative, Elizabeth Timothy or Elisabet Timothee (30 June 1702 – April 1757) was a prominent colonial American printer and newspaper publisher in the colony of South Carolina who worked for Benjamin Franklin. She was…

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Croatia: Trials And Tribulations Of Celebrating Independence — Croatia, the War, and the Future

During the 1990’s in Croatia people knew that for a state to have its own parliament also meant that the state was independent and sovereign. Long gone are the days, though, when in celebration of 30th May (1990) the Croatian Statehood Day/Day of Independence jubilation spread across Croatia and its…

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