Rough Diplomacy


Silas Deane : Patriot Destroyed

Silas Deane, was Connecticut delegate to the Continental Congress, shortly, after he was ousted from his seat and was sent as the first American envoy to Paris in 1776. on a secret mission. The Committee of Congress for Secret Correspondence, was then formed . It’s members were Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Harrison,…

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Venetian Patent System

PROPER INTERPRETATION THE VENETIAN PATENT ACT OF 1474 Ted Sichelman* & Toni Veneri** ABSTRACT Scholars have widely and consistently contended that the Venetian Republic adopted the first “formal” patent system in its Patent Act of 1474. Based upon an extensive examination of archival material from the State Archives of Venice,…

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Old Rivals

Their ancestors did battle with musket and cannon in one of the most famous battles in British history. And now the descendants of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington are locked in another battle – albeit a more civilised one. It has been revealed the eminent pair are City…

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A primer on war-crime immunity

The most popular book of 2015 at the United Nations’ headquarters was Immunity of Heads of State and State Officials for International Crimes, according to the UN library. Titled ‘Heads of State and State Officials for International Crimes,’ the publication advises world leaders on how to literally get away with…

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Dallas’ Own: Dr Jeff Gusky

Dr Jeff Gusky is an American explorer, fine-art photographer and emergency physician. Gusky is best known for finding and photographing a series of underground cities adjacent to the former front-line World War I trenches along the Western Front in France. Cloaked in darkness under private land in the beautiful French…

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