Rough Diplomacy


Usable Intelligence.

The success of any mission depends just as much on the planning and intelligence behind it .By 1908, the time was right for a new kind of agent to protect America. The United States was, well, united, with its borders stretching from coast to coast and only two landlocked states left to officially…

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Spies, Lies,and Double Agents, code name Tricycle

Sifting through declassified documents from World War II — as well as hotel bills, letters and long-forgotten memoirs are the traces of  the remarkable life of British double-agent Dusko Popov. There was only one appropriate codename for a playboy double agent who had a penchant for ménage a trois. But…

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Spies, Lies and Double Agents :Duquesne Spy Ring

The Duquesne Spy Ring is the largest espionage case in United States history that ended in convictions. The day after Hitler declared war on the United States on Dec. 11, 1941, a Brooklyn jury returned convictions on a viperous nest of Nazi spies brought to justice by a humble but…

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