Rough Diplomacy

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Welcome, Thank you for visting! My name is Sara and I live in Dallas, Texas . I am a veteran of Active Duty Air Force and Navy Reserves. I went to University in Paris , Venice, and Rome. Afterwards I came home to Dallas and studied Bioinformatics at Dallas Baptist University.


Any story that is Titled : It’s in the Blood , or the abbreviation ITB is my actual relative or ancestor. I come from the ancient families of Gignilliat, Gervais, Trezevant, Menou and LeSerrurier and other Huguenot family surnames that go past centuries before the American and French Revolutions. Bolling /Randolph are my American family as well.  Other ancient surnames come from  the Roman Patrician family of  Peri, which eventually translated to the Spanish form Pérez, and finaly it  changed to Belgrano . Drexler and Kirchner, that may seem like a lot of names, but it is my whole family as they intermarried. My family has always been Revolutionaries , they took part in the American Revolution, French Revolution, Texas Revolution, Argentina etc .


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